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A Little About Me...

​I'm Dr Charlotte Hilton, a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist. I have a broad range of expertise within health, social care and  large corporate organisations. I am passionate about supporting people and organisations not just with knowing what to do (knowledge), but also how to do it (skills). I work from a person-centred and strengths-based position and I often combine my experience working in practice with evidence-based approaches for meaningful impact/improvements. I enjoy research and publish regularly which means that I am well-connected with the evidence regarding what really works.

I am a BPS Spokesperson and support the media to communicate important messages to the public. I have appeared regularly on ITV, Sky News and national written press. 

I am a Fellow at the University of Derby, member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT)

You can review my publications here


Examples of What I Offer

Below are some common examples of the types of training and support to health,  social care and large corporations  that I typically offer. However, I am usually able to respond to requests so get in touch and let's explore ideas. 


Motivational Interviewing Training, Coaching/Supervision and Skills Assessment 

Training is always delivered on a bespoke basis. Content is tailored to the needs of the organisation and the context in which trainees are working. It is typical that a 2-3 day in-person or virtual training is sufficient to start people on their journey to becoming proficient in motivational interviewing (MI) although follow-up supervision/coaching is always recommended. For those who wish to assess MI skills, I also offer coding using a broad range of evidence-based tools, the most common being the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Scale (MITI). However, I always combine coding tool assessments with coaching and feedback. This approach to training, sometimes combined with skills from complimentary therapeutic and behaviour change approaches is also suitable for health coaching training. 

121 Virtual or in-Person Coaching 

I offer a broad range of 121 coaching including support for leaders and staff development, quality improvement, MI coaching and supervision and support to prepare for the MI Training of New Trainers (TNT) to name a few examples. 

Research and Evaluation 

One of the things I am often asked is how do we know we are making an impact or a difference? Selecting the most appropriate methods of evaluation can be a difficult task and organisations often have a wealth of meaningful data just sitting there waiting to work better for them. I offer bespoke training in common approaches to evaluation and research that will help you measure impact and improvements with confidence. I can also support you to evaluate a broad range of projects/interventions or with the analysis of existing data in a way that is easily communicated to patients/clients and funders. 

Behaviour Change Theory: Application and Integration 

Want to understand the key theories of behaviour change that help us to design services and interventions that are more likely to be successful? This training will introduce you to seminal behaviour change theory with examples of how they can be integrated into service/intervention design. You will better understand the common factors and processes that influence individual and cultural change and apply appropriate theory/models to the context of your organisation and desired goals. Consider combining this course with motivational interviewing to blend the what to do (theory) with how to do it (skills).

Enhanced Care Navigation for General Practice 

The increased patient demand and changes to how we access General Practice have meant that patients accessing the right care option, first time has never been more important. This training typically uses protected learning time (PLT) to deliver a package of training that is suited to the individual needs of your practice or Primary Care Network (PCN). Training options include combining improvement methodology with useful care navigation tools and all-important psychology-informed communication skills. The training meets the Health Education England (2016) Enhanced/Expert competency level and the communication skills are evidenced in behavioural science. Some practices opt for just the psychology communications skills component to supporting their existing processes. We will find the best combination of training content and resources to suit you.

Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations 

This training is suitable for a broad range of contexts across health, social care and large corporate organisations. We will combine the what to do (theoretical underpinnings of conflict) with how to recognise our typical approach to conflict and successful ways of managing it (communications skills). Training is delivered on a bespoke basis depending on organisational requirements.

Compassionate Leadership 

This training is also suitable for a broad range of contexts across health, social care and large corporate organisations. Again we combine the what to do (evidence-based theory) with how to do it (communication skills). The training benefits form the integration of a broad range of psychology theory and practice that also includes skills from therapeutic approaches that lend themselves to even the briefest of conversations. 

Enhanced Compassionate Consultation Skills 

This training invites you to enhance your clinical consultation skills through a series of knowledge (theoretical) and skill-bsased learning activities. The content utilises practice-based evidence, rooted in person-centred psychology to develop trainees' ability to activiely deomonstrate a shared decision making approach to assessment and treatment. This workshop has relevance for a broad range of healthcare professionals and can be delivered within the context of the NHS Long Term Plan.  

Stress Management and Well-being 

An interactive virtual and/or in person-workshop to support staff with stress management and wellbeing enhancement strategies. Relevant for a broad range of organisations and individuals  although for primary care, this workshop also contributes to QOF.

Exercise Referral Quality of Life Scale (ER-QLS)

If you wish to evaluate the impact of a physical activity/structured exercise intervention on the life-quality of those who attended, the ER-QLS is a validated tool that is free to use for research or in practice. It is the only quality of life (QoL) measure that has been rigorously tested for reliability and validity and is currently being utilised across the UK and USA. You may review the research outlining the reliability and validity tests here and here

All courses can be delivered in-person, online or in combination. Get in touch to talk through your requirements. Training course evaluations are always included.

What People are Saying...

Social Worker: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 

"This is the best training course I have ever attended. I was a little sceptical at first because we have to attend a lot of training but I can honestly say this hasn't just changed my practice, it's changed how I live my life!"

GP Receptionist: Psychological Skills for Care Navigation

"Patient demand can be really difficult to cope with some days and the amount of abuse that we receive as receptionists can be really upsetting. The care navigation communication skills have given me the confidence to signpost patients to the right place, first time. It's not how I do this but the way that I now do it in a partnering way with the patient and I know how to communicate the empathy I genuinely feel in a much better way. I feel much better since the training and the abuse has definitely reduced"

Practice Manager: Compassionate Leadership Training

"I was pretty much thrown into management and as much as I love the role, I have always found leading people difficult. The Compassionate Leadership training has revolutionised my role and my relationships with colleagues."

Social Prescribing Manager: Research and Evaluation Training

"We had national evaluation requirements to follow although we never felt that they were the best fit for actually capturing the genuine impact of what we do. Charlotte delivered a brilliant interactive workshop on common approaches to evaluation that were suitable to our service and helped us to design an evaluation package that captured the impact for patients, our staff and general practice much more accurately. I used to think that evaluation was a bit dull but I love it now!"

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